I'm Not Very Clever

I'm Alley, I'm 16 and i don't do much except blog about boys I will never have a chance with


In case you missed it at the end of #Bandcamp, Rebecca’s IM5 Tribute Music Video

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I want Cole to be protective over me like he was over that lemonade in bandcamp

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I’m hearing people are scared to meet Dana and my question is why?? I’ve met him a few times and he is SO NICE!!!! My cousin and I waited after one of their concerts in case we could catch them leaving. They weren’t supposed to come over to us but he did and he made a point to find a sharpie and sign our shirts. He is a seriously kind guy and genuinely cares about us 5ers! NEVER BE AFRAID TO MEET DANA HE IS AN ANGEL OK

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It’s kind of sad how some people in this fandom think they’re better than others but whatever

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